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Paradise Garden Mural Wallpaper Decal

Paradise Garden Mural Wallpaper Decal

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Convey the calming and serene feeling of a lush green garden in your home with the stunning Paradise Garden Mural Wallpaper Decal. Beautiful in both design and colour, this stunning wallpaper mural will create a haven of greenery, with it's cool tones and leafy imagery. Created in an illustrative style on a matte backdrop, this large piece will make and elegant statement when used to create a unique feature wall in any room of your home.

Created from fine non-woven wood-fiber wallpaper, this wall decal mural is easy to apply to your walls, and will transform any space within hours. Available in five different textured finishes, and cut to your preferred custom sizing.

Simply measure your wall area width and height, choose your favorite textured finish, and leave us a message upon checkout to make your custom order. Orders are calculated per square meter - if you need 9.6 square meters, place an order for 10 square meters, then message us your size details and preferred wallpaper texture finish, and we will do the rest!

 Type: Textile Wallpaper Decal, Wall Murals, Wall Stickers

Material: Wood Fiber Wallpaper (Non-Woven) 

Style: Pastoral

Pattern: Leafy Foliage

Wallpaper Texture Finish: Waterproof Canvas, 3D Embossed, Leather Pattern, Straw Texture, Waterproof Silk Cloth. Choose the look and feel of the material onto which you would like the design printed.

Features: Anti-static, extra thick, environmental friendly, formaldehyde-free, mildew and water resistant, mould-proof, smoke-proof, sound-absorbing, and heat insulation.

Use: Wallpaper for living room, study, bedroom, cafe, restaurant, bar. Perfect for small living spaces, such as apartments, Tiny Homes, and other compact houses.

Sizes: Sizes are made to order, and sold per square meter. Please leave a note for us upon checkout with your required amount, detailing your required length and height in meters (m). Please allow an extra 5cm on regular size pieces, or add 5cm onto your calculations for custom made sizes. This is to allow room for error when trimming the pieces to correctly fit your wall.

Package Includes: 1 x Paradise Garden Mural Wallpaper Decal in your chosen size. (Tools and glue adhesive not included with package).


How to Place a Custom Order:

Step 1:  Measure your wall dimensions: Height x Width = Square meter.

Example: Your required size: Width = 3.2 meters ; Height = 2.8 meters. Therefore area size is: 3.2 m x 2.8 m = 8.96 square meters.

Please add an extra 5cm on both Height and Width when you make your calculations, to allow for manual cutting when installing. Area:  (3.2m + 0.05m) x (2.8m + 0.05m) = 9.26 square meters.

Step 2:   Choose the right quantity in your order. Square meter = Order Quantity.

If you need 9 square meters, please choose quantity 9 in the Custom Size variant option. If you need 9 - 9.9 square meters, please place the order of 10 square meters (order Quanity of 10).

Step 3: Choose your Wallpaper Texture Finish. 

There are 5 material textures available to choose from: Waterproof Canvas, 3D Embossed, Leather Pattern, Straw Texture, Waterproof Silk Cloth.

Step 3:  Leave us a message upon checkout detailing your required wall Width and Height, and chosen Wallpaper Texture Finish.

Example: "I need a size of Width = (3.2 + 0.05) meters, Height = (2.8 + 0.05) meters, in Waterproof Silk Cloth texture finish".

Manufacturing Time: Please kindly note, it will take 4-6 days to produce a custom- sized piece.

Note: If we haven't received a message detailing your preferred Wallpaper Texture Finish within 24 hours, we will produce default material "Waterproof Canvas".


Installation Instructions:

  1. Prepare the necessary tools: Glue, brush, roller, scraper, ruler/tape-measure, knife, towel/sponge.
  2. Clean the wall and make sure your wall is flat. Then brush the glue adhesive onto the wall.
  3. Check your required size of wallpaper and match the pattern. 
  4. According to the width of each panel of wallpaper, mark the vertical lines on the wall.
  5. Brush the glue onto the back of each panel of wallpaper and mark the order on them.
  6. Paste wallpaper onto the wall, and use a knife to cut out any excess pieces. Use a towel to clean up any excess glue overflow. 
  7. When pasting the second panel, be careful to match the pattern of wallpaper. For any overlapping parts near the middle, use a ruler and knife to cut excess away, then peel it off.
  8. Use a knife to cut out excess part around any wall sockets. 
  9. Use a scraper to make the wallpaper flat. Then use a towel or sponge to wipe away any glue overflow.
  10. Close the doors and windows to let the glue dry naturally.

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