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HPC Fire

HPC Fire 24" SS Rectangle Bowl FP Insert MLFPK24X12-H-FLEX-LP-ST

HPC Fire 24" SS Rectangle Bowl FP Insert MLFPK24X12-H-FLEX-LP-ST

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HPC Fire 24" SS Rectangle Bowl FP Insert MLFPK24X12-H-FLEX-LP-ST REVIEW

Do you want a Fire Pit H-Burner that is effective enough to provide heat outdoors? Buy the HPC Fire 24" SS Rectangle Bowl FP Insert MLFPK24X12-H-FLEX-LP-ST now!

Hearth Products Controls MLFPK Match Light Fire Pit Kit, Rectangular Bowl Pan combines high-quality construction and reliability to complete your gas fire pit project. The manual ball valve allows simple & reliable control over the flow of the gas while the ignition is achieved simply by taking a lighter or match to the burner as you slowly open the gas valve. The H-shaped burner is constructed from premium 304 stainless steel; each burner features staggered burner ports, a 1/2" female gas inlet, and is neatly machine welded to produce a seamless and durable product. Burners and pans are also backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty from HPC.

This burner kit is designed for both natural gas and propane applications, the burner will come assembled to the rectangular bowl pan. Also assembled will be the necessary fittings for the sealed control box attached with a flexible gas line; propane units will include a wire mesh spider guard to keep spiders from clogging the gas line.

The Small Tank Kit is for use with MLFPK models that are rated at 90,000 BTU or fewer. The kit includes a 90° regulator, 48-inch flex hose, 24-inch flex line, L-bracket, and fittings for each respective model.

Includes: Bowl pan, Penta burner, bracket, spider guard screen, and key valve.

How It Works
Start-Up: This is done by lighting a long-stem lighter next to the perimeter of the burner then slowly opening the key to the valve. Leave the key in the valve during use.

Operation: Flame height may be adjusted by turning key to valve- counterclockwise provides more flame, clockwise lowers flame.

Shut Down: To turn OFF the fire pit simply turn the key to the valve clockwise to the OFF position. Remove key.


  • Available in 24" x 12", 30" x 12" and 36" x 14" Small Tank Models
  • Fully Assembled and ready to install.
  • Flex Line configuration provides versatile and simple installation.
  • Valve mounting bracket included- for safe mounting of control have.
  • Flame height is adjustable using the key valve.
  • Natural Gas or Liquid Propane: Factory built & tested for either fuel.
  • Optional Install & Controls: Paver Block Bracket, Key Extension Kit, Long Keys, and Spark Ignition Kit.
  • Made of #304, 18 gauge Stainless Steel
  • The spun design adds rigidity
  • Welded gas fitting for strength
  • Weep holes for drainage
Purchase the HPC Fire 24" SS Rectangle Bowl FP Insert MLFPK24X12-H-FLEX-LP-ST here in WESTERN NEST!
  • Model: MLFPK24X12-H-FLEX-LP-ST
  • Dimensions: L-24" x W-12" x D-2.5"
  • Max BTU: 65,000
  • Nozzle BTU: 65,000
  • Burner Type: 18" x 6" H-Burner Standard / Torpedo
  • Gas Type: Liquid Propane
  • Ignition: Style Match-Lit
  • Required: Items Lava Rock / Rolled Lava Stones (2 bags), Fire Glass (40 lb)
  • Certification: CSA Certified in US & Canada to ANSI Z21.97-2017 / CSA 2.41-2014 requirements.
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on burners
  • 62 X 30" Rectangle Black Vinyl Cover FPC-62X30
    • 62" x 30" Rectangle Black Vinyl Fire Pit Cover. Pull string at the bottom, Fits 52x20 - 62x30 enclosures.

        48" Square Black Vinyl Cover FPC-48SQ

        • Match Lit Models (MLFPK) Paver Block Bracket
          • This bracket allows additional flexibility and installation ease of the MLFPK decorative key valve. The faceplate is adjustable from 8" to 12" in width.
          • Key valve, flange, and key not included. Designed for Dante straight key valve.

        Match Lit Models (MLFPK) Paver Block Bracket

        • 31 X 19" Rectangle Wind Guard  WG31X19-RECT
          • Square, 31"x 19", 6" Height
          • Features: - Tempered Glass - Heavy duty 3/16 " clear glass is tempered to improve durability and allow it to withstand high temperatures. Depending on wind guard size- 4 or 6 sections complete the desired shape. Brackets- Polished aluminum brackets and plastic support feet provided.

                  31 X 19" Rectangle Wind Guard  WG31X19-RECT

                  • 44" SS Free Form Install Collar - 2per Box IC44SS-FF
                    • The flex form install collar merges the gap between the fire pit structure and the insert pan for easy installation and auto-centering featured with a curved lip. This flexible install collar allows for an easy 3 step installation saving you time with our one size fits all product. The collar can be formed to fit any shaped fire pit.
                    • 1 Box required for this unit

                    Flex-Form Installation Collar

                    • 9 X 4" Flat Vent for Outdoor Fire Pits
                      • Stainless Steel 9"" wide x 4"" high vent.

                    9 X 4" Flat Vent for Outdoor Fire Pits

                    • 14 X 4.5" Louvered Vent for Outdoor Fire Pits
                      • Stainless Steel Vent Panel, 14"" Wide x 4 1/2"" High

                    14 X 4.5" Louvered Vent for Outdoor Fire Pits

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