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Millennial Gaia -The Mother Earth Goddess

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Transcending all in existence, Mother Earth rests, supporting the world as a pregnant belly between her decorated arms.

Cascading over her shoulders and down her back, her hair is compromised of green foliage, adorned with intricate golden embellishments. Covering her modesty, the greenery shrouds her breasts from the celestial Moon and Sun.

This Mother Eart Art Statue is cast in the finest resin before being expertly finished in bronze and intricately hand-painted.


Elegant and Artistic By Design

Millennial Gaia -The Mother Earth Goddess

How it's going to change your life:

  • THE PERFECT HOME CENTERPIECE:  Put them anywhere and everywhere. The Handmade Mother Earth Sculpture provides a stunning attraction to any space and will make an impact on any guests that enter the room.
  • MAKES FOR A PERFECT GIFT: Show that you care! Our Hand Made Mother Earth Sculpture makes for an amazing gift, be it for your daughter, friend, or wife! A truly symbolic and meaningful gift.
  • CREATIVE, DEEPLY MEANINGFUL AND SYMBOLIC: Brings our new evolving consciousness of the Earth into a physical form. She is an invitation to each and every human being to enter consciously into the myth and story of the living Earth and to respond to her as our Mother, as the larger being of which we are all part. No matter what language you speak, no matter where on Earth you come from, you can hold The Millennial Gaia in your hands and hear her message. This lovely figure of the living Earth has her own voice and if you live with her in your home, workplace, school, or place of worship. She will speak to you too. Even small children intuitively know Mother Earth or Mother Nature. She is the oldest and most universally worshipped religious icon in all of the human experience. Her images and figurines date back to over 30,000 years ago, A new myth for the new millennium... We are becoming overwhelmed by the escalating environmental crisis all around us. The atmosphere's ozone layer is being destroyed; industrial pollution is creating a greenhouse effect, dramatically changing our climate; and the destruction of the rainforests and pollution of the seas is causing worldwide droughts. The problem is so vast and the politics of greed and corruption are so complex that it will truly take a miracle to transform such global destruction. The only thing that can save us is a total and electrifying change of consciousness. Nothing short of a worldwide realization of our planetary awareness will move us as planetary people to a new way of living, to sustain and heal our Mother, The Earth.
  • HANDCRAFTED WITH ATTENTION TO DETAILS: Our Sculptures are handmade by our hardworking artists who bring our ideas to life. It is for this reason we only have limited stocks of this particular item at any given time because we want each unit to have the exact attention to detail when they leave our facility.

DIMENSIONS:  She is about 15 cm high, 5 cm at the widest part (across the knees), and 5 cm front to back (at the bottom).