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Avocado Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Avocado Snuffle Mat for Dogs

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Do you have a dog that becomes easily bored and restless, resulting in destructive behavior? Or maybe an anxious pup that becomes distressed every time you leave the house? Well never feel guilty for leaving them again, when you introduce your furry family member to the fun and exciting Avocado Snuffle Mat! An interactive enrichment puzzle that will engage your dog’s body and mind, the Snuffle Mat will encourage your dog's natural foraging skills while they search for their food, treats or toys inside the detachable hidden pockets and colorful felt folds. Use it instead of a food bowl at dinner time, or simply for a moment of fun and enrichment throughout the day as a small treat or to relieve boredom.

Snuffle pet training mats are proven to reduce boredom and anxiety by consuming your dog's attention and energy when you're not home (or too busy to take them out for a walk), keeping them occupied and both mentally and physically stimulated all day long.

Fun and easy to use, simply hide your dog’s favorite kibble or food treats in the mat for them to find. This will help to train their sense of smell by encouraging them to actually forage for their food as they naturally would, which is not only a great skill but also hugely satisfying for them at the same time! By having to search for their treats it will also slow down the pace at which your pup eats, helping to improve their digestion and overall health, while also working as a training exercise in self-control at the same time.

Each mat is hand-made from the highest quality pet-safe and bite-resistant Fleece material, which is super-soft, sustainable, and anti-pilling, providing your pooch with a comfortable and enjoyable experience each and every time. The Snuffle Mat is versatile and easy to use, and the non-slip finish on the underside will hold it in place so that is does not slip or move while your pup is busy sniffing away. The soft Fleece material is also machine washable, making it quick and easy to clean at a moment's notice to keep it fresh and looking like new for longer.

The Snuffle Mat not just for dogs though - cats, rabbits, and even guinea pigs will also love these amazing mats. Suitable for small, medium, and large dogs alike. Now you can watch your pup or other pets eat and play, stress-free and happy!

  • Helps relieve stress, anxiety, and boredom, letting your pup rest and relax.
  • The Snuffle Mat will help to train your dog's sense of smell and natural foraging instincts by encouraging them to search for their favorite snacks or toys hidden within the folds.
  • Keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated throughout the day, helping them to avoid engaging in destructive behavior, while simultaneously burning away their excess energy to slowly calm them down.
  • Great for exercise -10 minutes snuffling equals 1 hour of running. Help your dog lose weight as you slow their eating habits now that they are required to search for their food.
  • Multi-layered design, featuring a bite-resistant and soft Fleece upper, with an anti-slip bottom.

Please Note: Like with all games and toys, dogs should be supervised while engaging with the Snuffle Mat. Remove it once your dog has found all the food or treats to prevent them from chewing, eating, or urinating on the mat.

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Material: Fleece

Designs: Avacado

Features: Made from pet-safe and bite-resistant Fleece material, which is super-soft, breathable, sustainable, anti-pilling, and easy to clean with a gentle hand-wash. The mat has colorful felt folds that let you hide dog treats and kibble for your pet to find. The Snuffle Mat's intelligent design makes it versatile and easy to use, and a non-slip finish on the underside means that it will not slip or move during feeding.

Use: The snuffle dog mat will stimulate your dog mentally and physically, helping to relieve boredom, stress and anxiety. Hide kibble and dog treats inside the soft Fleece folds of this interactive enrichment puzzle mat to help train your pet's sense of smell and natural foraging abilities, slow their eating habits and lose weight, consume their energy to calm them down, and relieve boredom to curb unwanted destructive behavior.

Suitable Pets: Perfect for all small, medium, and large dog breeds. The Snuffle Mat is also suitable for other pets, such as cats, rabbits, and even guinea pigs!

Wash Style: Gentle machine or hand wash. We suggest washing it at least once a week.

Package Includes: 1 x Snuffle Mat.

Size Guide:

  • 53cm (Width) x 69cm (Height) /  20.87" (W) x 27.17" (H).

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