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Ambretta Velvet Stretch Sofa Slip Covers

Ambretta Velvet Stretch Sofa Slip Covers

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Breathe new life into your entire lounge room setting with the Ambretta Velvet Embossed Stretch Sofa Slip Covers for 1/2/3/4 Seater Sofas. The ultimate quick, easy and affordable way to redecorate and rejuvenate your favorite old sofa with a fresh new look, or to protect your brand new setting from everyday wear and tear, keeping it new for longer. Those with children and pets will love the piece of mind that these stylish couch slip covers will offer when protecting their beloved lounge setting against inevitable accidental messes, such as dirt, grime, spills and stains!

Created using a high quality blend of Polyester and Spandex, the Ambretta Velvet Embossed Stretch Sofa Slip Covers are durable and hard-wearing, yet still super-soft and stretchy, offering maximum functionality and protection, while ensuring comfort and ease of use at the same time. Easily washable, simply add your sofa slipcovers to your next machine wash to bring them up fresh and clean like new again.

With sizes available to fit a range of different sized furniture pieces, including one-seater chairs, and two, three and four-seater sofas, as well as L-shaped chaise sofa lounges and sectional sofas, the Ambretta makes it possible to update and complete any lounge room setting, while the large range of vibrant colors and their intricate velvet embossed pattern will effortlessly revitalize your living space by creating a stylish focal point to draw the eye, and bring the whole room to life.

Easy to order and install, simply measure the length of your setting piece (or pieces), and order to fit. When it's time to add the sofa covers to your setting, simply stretch the couch covers over your sofa or lounge section, then easily adjust into place.

Available in a range of striking colors, there is something for every lounge room and home décor setting. And to top it all off, why not complete your new-look sofa setting with a set of matching cushion covers, which are available separately in each color, in packs of one, two or four covers.


Note: Please make sure that your sofa has a deep gap to push the securing foam sticks into. Our Sofa Slip Covers are not suitable for sofas with a shallow gap.

Features & Dimensions

Type: Sofa Slipcovers, Sofa Coverslips, Sofa Covers, Couch Slipcovers, Couch Coverslips, Couch Covers, Lounge Covers.

Material: Mix of Polyester (92%) and Spandex (8%)

Style: Traditional

Pattern: Floral

Finish: Embossed Velvet

Colors:¬†ÔĽŅForest Brown, Auburn Rust, Vibrant Cream, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Navy Waters, Black Rose, Emerald Green, Soft Aqua,¬† Blue Days, and Red Wine.

Applicable Sofas: One-Seater Chairs, as well as Two-Seater, Three-Seater, and Four-Seater Sofas. Couch slipcovers can also be used for Sectional Sofas and L-Shaped Chaise Sofa Lounges.

Features: Made from the highest quality Polyester and Spandex to create a super-sofa, yet tight fit, for maximum comfort and functionality. The soft yet durable elasticated fabric makes for easy application and installation, and will create a hassle and wrinkle-free finish. The elasticated band at the bottom of each of the couch covers will easily hold the slips in place once on the sofa setting, providing a movement and displacement-free hold. Each cover is also machine washable, making them easy and convenient to clean in no time at all. These versatile sofa cover slips are available in a range of sizes, able to cover 1-seat chairs, and 2-seat, 3-seat, or 4 seat sofas, as well as L-shaped chaise sofa lounges and sectional sofas. Matching cushion covers are also available in each color in packs of one, two or four covers.

Use: The sofa slipcover rejuvenates old and tired sofa settings, giving them a fresh new look, and also shields and protects your furniture from spills, stains, and wear and tear to prevent it from getting ruined. Perfect for homes with children or pets.

Installation:¬†ÔĽŅSuper easy to¬†install, firstly¬†measure the length of your sofa setting piece (or pieces), and order to fit (as detailed in the instruction image and size guide section below). When it's time to add the cover to your setting, simply stretch the couch¬†covers¬†over your sofa or lounge section, then easily adjust into place. Next, tuck the covers into the crevices between and behind your sofa cushions and armrests, pushing the included foam roll sticks into the space to secure the cover in place. The elastic¬†underside will then securely hold your new cover in place to avoid any unwanted slipping or movement.

Washing:¬†Machine washable - use a cold water wash (below 40¬įC). Do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean. Hang to drip dry.

Package Includes: 1 x Ambretta Velvet Embossed Stretch Sofa Slip Covers, and Foam Roll Sticks (for securing the cover in place). Cushions not included.


Size GuideÔĽŅ:

How to Choose Size: 

Measure the length of the chair or sofa, including the arm rests (between points A to A in the instruction image). 

Measure the total distance of A-A depending on your sofa shape and size following the red lines. It is important to include the height of the armrests as the fabric tightly fits around the sofa. Follow the red lines measuring the width of armrest + height of armrest + seat width.

The length of the sofa should be within:

1-Seater Chair: between 90cm - 140cm / 35" to 55" (Inch)

2-Seater Sofa: between 145cm - 185cm / 57" to 72" (Inch)

3-Seater Sofa: between 195cm - 230cm / 76.7" to 90" (Inch)

4-Seater Sofa: between 235cm - 300cm / 92" to 118" (Inch) 

Please Note: Please measure your sofa including the armrests, then choose the size. If you don't measure the armrests also, the sofa cover will be smaller than your sofa. If your sofa has a high back over 100cm, please choose one size larger.

L-Shaped Chaise & Sectional Sofas: For L-Shaped Chaise Sofa Lounges and Sectional sofas you will need two or more sofa covers, one for each section. Simply measure each piece of the sofa in sections (including any armrests), then using these lengths select the required size of the slipcovers for each section. Please see instructional installation/measurement images for direction (A to A, B to B, and C to C).

If you have any questions or queries on which size you should choose, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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