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4-in-1 Portable Dog Water Bottle

4-in-1 Portable Dog Water Bottle

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For Active Pups On The Go!

Keep your puppy happy and hydrated, even while you're on the go, with the amazing new 4-in-1 Portable Dog Water Bottle, Feeder, Poop Bag Holder & Pooper Scooper. Perfect for any number of outdoor activities, from your daily walk, to hiking, camping, and everything in between. With this intelligently designed pet water bottle, you will never again have to struggle to find drinking water for your thirsty pup when out on those long summer walks, providing a healthy alternative to using public water bowls, so you can be sure that your pup is drinking clean and sanitary water at all times.

Doubling as a dry biscuit feeder, this smart pet accessory makes it possible to feed your furry friend while out and about, so you don't have to worry about feeding them before you leave the house ever again. And when it is inevitably time for your pooch to do their "business", the super-convenient detachable pooper scooper and dog poop bag holder makes this uncomfortable task quick, easy, and hygienic.

Portable and light-weight, this portable dog water bottle boasts a 300ml capacity water bottle, as well as an O-shaped drinking cup, which has been ergonomically designed to be more suitable for a dog's oral structure and prevents spillage, making it a comfortable and enjoyable drinking experience for your pooch each and every time. A silicone leak-proof seal and lock button also prevents any spills whilst walking.

Designed to be easily used with just one hand, simply dispense the water with the press of a button, before clicking it  again to lock the bottle, saving any remaining water, meaning that you can keep your other hand free to secure your dog's leash at all times, keeping them safe and sound. Simple!

Made from high quality Pet-Safe ABS and PC Plastics, which is FDA approved, lead-free, BPA-free, anti-bacterial, as well as durable, long lasting, light-weight, and heat-resistant when washing.

Available in four bright colors. Both you and your furry family member will love it, and your pup will thank you every time they leave the house!


Note: The Portable Dog Water Bottle, Feeder, Poop Bag Holder & Pooper Scooper is also suitable for use with cats.

Features & Dimensions

Type: Portable Dog Water Bottle with Dog Feeder, Dog Poop Bag Holder & Dog Pooper Scooper.

Material: ABS and PC Plastic (Food Grade & Pet-Safe)

Colors: Aqua, Pink, Green, Yellow

Features: Made from high-quality Pet-Safe Plastic, which is durable and long lasting, as well as heat-resistant when washing. A smart modern design combining a 300ml capacity pet water bottle, large water dispensing feeder cup, a 75ml dry pet food holder, a detachable pooper scooper shovel, and a poop bag holder on the base. A simple one hand dispensing system lets you dispense water into the drinking cup with the press of a button, leaving your other hand free to securely hold your dog's leash at all times. An ergonomically designed O-shaped drinking cup, making it more comfortable for a dog's oral structure and preventing spillage. The dog poop bag holder conveniently provides poop bags for picking up your dog's waste after they have done their business, and the detachable dog pooper scooper shovel lets you easily scoop it into the bag. A silicone leak-proof seal and lock button prevents any spills whilst walking, hiking or travelling. Bottle is portable and light-weight, making it perfect for taking on the go. Easy to dismantle for cleaning.

Use: Keep your dog well hydrated while on the go using the intelligent built-in drinker system, and then give them a snack from the dog biscuit feeder, so you never again have to use those unhealthy public dog water bowls or spend ages looking for a tap. Then when it's inevitably time for your puppy to do their business, pick up any waste with the convenient detachable pooper scooper shovel, and place it in a poop bag from the dog poop bag holder.

Applicable Dog Breeds: Suitable for all dog breeds and sizes.

Package Includes: 1 x Portable Dog Water Bottle, Feeder & Poop Bag Holder.


Size Guide:

Total Size: 32.5cm (Height) x 9.7cm (Diameter) / 12.8" (H) x 3.8" (D)

Total Item Weight: 295 g

Water Bottle Volume: 300ml

Biscuit Feeder Volume: 75ml

Note: Please see product images for a visual size guide.

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