About Us


Meticulously committed to providing both quality & value in every item we build for you


Our Mission

At Western Nest, LLC, we're here to change how you shop. Defined by our products, motivated by customers, and devoted to savings; we're re-inventing the world of online retail. We keep it simple: meticulously committed to providing you with a shopping experience that never compromises quality or value. You get both every time. It's uncomplicated, it's generous, and it's our honest promise




Unlike other product-based companies, we are industry experts. Our very center is all about the passion we have in creating our products. We take pride in our diverse categories and selections. By keeping our entire process in-house, we’re able to design and build products we know you’ll love. Every Western Nest team member listens to you and your needs through market insight and research.



Our customers really make Western Nest. Your voice lets us know where to start. We do whatever it takes to get to know you better: surveys, reviews, and overall trend analysis.
When you let us know what you like, we can build more of what you want, and none of what you don’t.


Help Center
When you need us, call us! Our customer support reps are trained product & case specialists.
Live Chat
Part of being dedicated is helping you in real time. We’ve invested in 24/7 live chat and email.


Our Promise to You

No matter who or what you’re shopping for, you can find it with us at Western Nest. We keep things simple, so shopping becomes fun again. From our warehouses to management, we remain committed to providing both quality and value on all our products. No gimmicks, just our promise to the most important person in this process, you.

We will... 
Be Generous

We always give more than we receive

Be Meticulous

We believe the little things make the biggest difference

Be Uncomplicated

We take pride in our honest values & fun-loving nature

Be Dedicated

We create lifelong connections

Be Honest

We praise hard work & accountability

Be Infinite

We know our possibilities are endless